sectoral councils

Economic and social council

The economic and social council was created in 1994 with the aim of giving the opportunity to participate to all the social partners involved in the economic development of the city and therefore it serves to support actions that are emerging from The Local Development Agency.

It is therefore an advisory structure of studies and advices on all matters related to economic and social development, which supports development of policies all the time.



Council of Social Action and Health

In the city of Alzira is a Municipal Council of Social and Health that transmits the interest of civil society to continue working with the development of social networks, the promotion of associations and citizen participation. It is a consultative and participatory body that aims to incorporate various sectors of the population and their associations in the definition, development and promotion of social welfare policy of the municipality. 



Municipal Agrarian Council

The Municipal Agrarian Council of Alzira is configured as a consultative body, of collaborator and adviser type in relation to those matters established by the Local Corporation of Alzira based on agricultural skills which are peculiar natures, and which are determined, in this case, by the Generalitat Valenciana through the instruments of existing legislation in considered field. The Municipal Agrarian Council of Alzira cannot assume the functions of representation claim and defend of professional interests and interests of trade union of farmers and ranchers that compete for the right of freely established organizations.



Trade Advisory Council

Trade Advisory Council is a sectored body of consultation and opinion in commercial material of citizen participation in all those affairs and materials that directly or indirectly may affect the development of the commercial activity of the town of Alzira.


The Advisory Board of Trade has its headquarters in the city of Alzira and is one of the tools as a consultative body that acts as a bridge between local, regional and traders themselves of this city.




Local Environment Council

The Local Environment Council is a body endowed with independence, its own legal personality and full capacity to carry out its purposes. It is configured as a valid interlocutor with the local authority regarding environmental matters. It aims to assess advice and inform the City Council regarding to any environmental issues, to promote nature conservation, with particular emphasis on the development of environmental education, and cooperation with various institutions, government agencies on environmental issues. 




Natural Area Municipal Council of La Murta i la Casella

Council Municipal Natural Park of La Murta and Casella was made as a collegiate body with consultative and advisory character in order to collaborate with the City of Alzira in the management of this natural area and channel the participation of owners and interests of social and economic type affected, according to the provisions of Article 50 of Law 11/94 of December 27 of the Generalitat Valenciana, by protected natural areas, as well as the Agreement of November 5, 2004 the Consell de la Generalitat, whereby the interlocking Municipal Natural Area called La Murta and La Casella, in the town of Alzira is declared. 




Municipal Council of children

The Local Council of Children is a municipal body with citizen participation which ensures the City the point of view of children, not only on the problems of child strict interest but also on all matters of the city that impact on social and collective life.


Its purpose is information, involvement and participation of children in municipal life.




Municipal School Board

The Municipal School Council is the advisory body of participation in the programming and control of non-university education in the local community. They are powers of the Municipal School Board that are consulted as on preparation of proposals and requests for location, construction and renovation of schools, as on performances and municipal regulations regarding to the education that has an impact in areas such as special education, education for marginalized groups, posting, distribution and management of resources to invest in education that corresponds to municipalities or the creation of educational Boards.



Sports Advisory Council

The Advisory Sports Council is a municipal advisory body in sports affair.


The functions of the Council are to inform and advise the City Council about issues in sports field, propose sports activities and participate in its realization, also to mediate in conflicts between the municipality and any sports organization and approve the annual report of activities of the Council.Consejo Asesor de Deportes es un órgano consultivo municipal en materia de deportes.