Integrator and Sustainable Urban development

Among everyone we build a model of a city that progress towards greater economic dynamism to equal opportunities and to combat climate change. We must build a movement for sustainable Alzira. Therefore, we aspire to a city with an innovative economic sector, with social policies to overcome the difficulties we are experiencing and that is respectful with the environment we have inherited.


City Council of Alzira and many other organizations working in the city, are designing a comprehensive strategy for sustainable and inclusive urban development (DUSI) that looks towards for the future of Alzira towards an economic, social and environmentally sustainable city of Alzira. We want you to participate and tell us your opinion, because that is how we show that we move between City council of Alzira and other organizations.


The Alzira DUSI strategy will allow to design and plan a city project for the period of 2016-2022 and apply for European funding from the fond of ERDF..


The DUSI strategy has allowed us to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the city model and identify weaknesses and threats of Alzira and establish strategic objectives that allow us to fight them and take advantage of strengths and opportunities.


The priorities that have been established in the DUSI strategy are:


  • Promote TIC in integrated urban development strategies through Local Electronic administration and Smart cities

  • Promoting sustainable urban mobility: clean urban transport, public transport, urban-rural connection, improvements in the road network, transport rider, pedestrian, electric mobility and development of systems of clean energy.

  • Promote the protection, adhesion and development of cultural and natural heritage in urban areas, particularly those of a tourist interest.

  • Integrated revitalization of cities, to improve the urban environment and its ambient.

  • Physical, economic and social regeneration of urban environment in deprived urban areas through integrated urban strategies



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