Citizens Assembly

There is a Citizens Assembly which is hold on a monthly basis that can be joined by anyone, whether or not is a resident of the municipality, for a discussion and treatment of matters of interest of local community. The mayor of the city or his delegate will preside and conduct this session which will be attended by all local political groups, so that the citizens can interpreted it by making questions, complaints and suggestion that are necessary in the exercise of their rights of democratic control and government action. 


The Citizens' Assembly sessions will be held on the same days as the regular plenary sessions, with one hour ahead of the start without prejudice to the relevant section of questions and answers presented in recent sessions in which are preferably planned doubts regarding to the matters on the agenda of the same plenary session.

The Citizens' Assembly sessions will be recorded by the municipal system VídeoActa, for advertising and authentication purposes.


The Citizens’ Assembly mentioned in the previous articles will be given preference on requests and questions raised previously through email , for any necessary identification with name, ID card and it this case also with association or collective that he or she represents.


The municipality of Alzira can replace the old system with another, also electronic, allowing identification of the person by key or similar systems easily accessible. People that will be submitting written questions may be present or not in the Assembly. In the second case these questions are read out loud by the President, finally going to be answered by himself or the responsible person depending on the reason of matter.


Written question that are not asked and/or answered by the reasons of time or a need of studying of matter within the session of the Assembly, will be answered by writing preferably in electronic way to the person that didn’t raise the question in the maximum period of 15 days from the day of the conclusion of the Assembly for which they were prepared.